Adot's Mission & Vision

As the elected representative for the 6th District of Chatham County, Commissioner Aaron “Adot” Whitely¬† will continue to use his position to ensure that southwest Chatham County thrives and the citizens of District 6 are engaged in the decision making process. Adot believes in consistent engagement & partnership with local leaders & activists, community organizations, neighborhoods associations, small & large businesses, houses of worship, schools, and youth; through & with these connections, we will foster the development of the 6th District into a better place to live and work!

What's Going On In The 6th?

Youth Court pilot program announced:
Commissioner Whitely, in collaboration with the Mediation Center of Savannah and SCCPSS, will establish a pilot program this school year. This restorative justice program is an example of Youth Engagement that Commissioner Whitely has been striving for. The training for this program, which will be provided by UGA’s Fanning Institute will take place September 20th & 21st; if you are interested in volunteering, please contact Commissioner Whitely directly. For additional information, check out this press release! Additionally, you can donate to Youth Court by clicking here! 
Recreation Center enters planning phase:
 Listed in SPLOST-7 was a regional athletic facility to be built by Chatham County. Commissioners Whitely, Farrell, and Rivers (of Districts 6, 4, and 2) have been adamant about continuous forward progress on this venture. Chatham County is now reviewing designs and taking public  comments from the community. Please click here to see the current interior design and to have your input considered.
Fire Service Fee established for residents of unincorporated Chatham:
Effective Jan. 1st, 2o22, unincorporated residents will no longer need a fire service subscription with Chatham Emergency Services. Chatham County has instituted a fire service ordinance which requires property owners in unincorporated Chatham County to pay a fire service fee. You can find more information on this ordinance and what your fire fee is by clicking this link.
Property tax rollback announced:
In June, the Chatham County Board of Commissioners unanimously voted to rollback taxes; all Chatham County residents will be taxed at a lower rate for properties they own. The mileage rate was reduced from 11.543 to to 10.518, meaning property tax bills will be lowered by $1 for every $1000 in taxable value.  For details on property tax mileage rates, click here.
Review of Animal Control Ordinance:
Chatham has been working with community partners and citizens to review the Animal Control Ordinance. Chatham County is responsible for animal control services throughout the entire county and changes are needed to the existing order to provide efficient coverage and sensible penalties for ordinance violations. Click here to see our existing animal control ordinance.
Updates on Revenue Ordinance: 
The Chatham County Revenue Ordinance was revised this year, and Commissioner Whitely is pleased to announce that daytime field usage fees for recognized community organizations have been waived; to view the ordinance, click here. Information regarding field usage fees can be found on page 60. To become a recognized community organization, contact the Chatham County Parks & Recreation Department

Adot's Top Priorities

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The Business Advisory Group (BAG) is a group of businesses in the 6th District that directly receive useful information (including events, resources, programs, and other important updates) from Commissioner Whitely. As a business owner, Adot knows how complicated operating a small business can be; as your elected official, he wants to help you and your business thrive by consistently communicating relevant & helpful business-related information! Together, we can make the 6th District a thriving business community. Sign up today to join the District 6 Business Advisory Group!