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UWCE- Dial 211 or (912)-651-7730 or go online to: https://uwce.org/ccera/

EOA- Dial (912)-438-8077 or go online to https://eoarentalassistance.itfrontdesk.com/
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Updates & Highlights

Highlights from 02/26/21 Commission Meeting
This meeting was pretty cut and dry for the 6th District.  Our County Manager, Lee Smith,  has authorized GDOT to conduct a study on the traffic and speed at King George Rd and Chalice Way.  There have been complaints of speeding as well as accidents that have happened in the area. This study gives us the relevant data to make a decision on what we can do as a county to help fix the situation.  Speaking of Georgetown and speed, there will be Blue Line Enforcement devices installed in the school zone in front of Georgetown Elementary.  This device tracks speed and mails speeders a citation for speeding in the school zone. The installation should be complete by mid to late April so SLOW DOWN IN GEORGETOWN! 
Starting March 8th the Covid Vaccinations will be available to education and childcare workers. This includes teachers and administrators and other employees in the education industry. Adults with intellectual disabilities along with their caretakers will be eligible for the vaccine on the 8th also.  The County recognizes the month of March as Red Cross Month and a proclamation was read in support of this.  
Chatham County will be hosting an information session for landlords on March 11th at 2PM.   This will give information on the rental assistance process that is being handled by United Way and EOA. To register go to https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_WSmzr40HQZCXCI9PCILnRQ
March 1- Chatham Kraken Swim Team Starts Practice
March 6th – Second Harvest Food Dr
March 6th- Savannah United Soccer Festival
March 13th- Savannah Falcons Semi Pro Football at Memorial Stadium

Highlights from 02/12/21 Commission Meeting 
The Invocation came from Pastor Andrew Young who pastors Mosaic Church, a church located in the 6th District. The Covid 19 update presented by Dr. Lawton Davis of DPH offered some positive news. The infection rate is slowly decreasing and vaccines are being given out. To date DPH has given out over 22,000 vaccines. Not included in that number are the vaccines given out by the hospitals and other private providers to include CVS. We are still in phase 1A and we’re not sure when we will reach phase 1B. Supply is what is slowing progress in that there are not enough vaccines being distributed throughout the country, production is the issue. There may also be a third option from Johnson and Johnson which is a single dose vaccine. As more information is available I will share it.
There was a proclamation read declaring the month of February as Career, Technical & Agricultural Month in Chatham County. A resolution was read and passed by the commission recognizing Mr. Pete Liakakis for his outstanding service to our community and it also stated his Member Emeritus status on the CAT Board. I STRONGLY SUPPORT recognizing Mr. Liakakis’ service to the community and I voted yes on this specific resolution HOWEVER I do question the process in which this has taken place.
-In a 5-4 vote Ms. Tabitha Odell was appointed to the CAT board retroactively effective 1/15/2021 and Mr. Liakakis was appointed as a Member Emeritus to the CAT Board. I voted against this particular item because there were some procedural issues that I did not feel comfortable with and I didnt want a yes vote from me to serve as a stamp of approval for what I believe to be a procedural misnomer on behalf of one of the oldest counties in the state of Georgia.
I was appointed to the Urban Development Authority and Dr. Malik Watkins was appointed to the MPC. We also appointed what I consider to be an all star group to the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum’s Advisory Board. This is the museum’s 25th year in operation so we may see some action from this board in the near future.
Everything else was pretty routine and there wasn’t anything that directly effected the 6th district. There were some presentations and reports given by our staff to include the County Manager. To watch the meetings please check out the link below. Let me know what questions you may have. ChathamCountyga.iqm2.com/citizens/default.aspx
Highlights from  1/29/21 Commission Meeting
We had a special called commission meeting yesterday to accept an $8.7 million dollar Emergency Rental Assistance Grant from the Department of the Treasury. We also moved to use the United Way and EOA to facilitate the grant. Here are some important facts about the grant and it’s application:
*The grant is for RENTERS ONLY- the assistance will not be given to homeowners for mortgage assistance or utility assistance.
*The money can be used to pay for utility bills (water, gas, electricity).
* Qualified recipients will be prioritized for assistance on a weekly basis.
*The primary applicant must be the signee on the lease agreement and/or utility invoice. All applicants should provide documentation as proof of need. Prioritization of assistance include:
• At risk of eviction.
• The income of the household does not exceed 50% of the area median income for the household. $43,307 is 50% of the median income for the city of Savannah
*One or more the individuals within the household are unemployed as of the date of the application for assistance and have not been employed for the 90-day period preceding the application date.
If you wish to apply reach out the the EOA or United Way of the Coastal Empire starting Monday.
UWCE- Dial 211 or (912)-651-7730
EOA- Dial (912)-438-8077 or go on-line to https://eoarentalassistance.itfrontdesk.com/
Highlights from 01/15/2021 Commission Meeting
 -Covid Vaccinations are available throughout the county. Scheduling with the Health Dept. is still a challenge but headway is being made. There are additional sites in the county who have vaccinations on hand. Find them and additional info at https://covid19.gachd.org/vaccine/ There may be an administrative fee ($20) at the alternative locations so be sure to ask when setting your appointment.
-Crime in our district has reduced but there are still some areas we can improve. I’m working on setting up a townhall with Chatham Co. Police Dept. to address the issues we are seeing throughout the district especially in Ogeechee Farms and Gateway. More information to follow on that.
-Unincorporated District 6 property owners WE NEED YOUR INPUT!!! We want to hear from you in regards to the options for fire service in the unincorporated areas of the county. Currently Chatham EMS provides service but some recent developments have led to the need to rethink the process. Please visit https://chathamcountysurvey.org/ and take the survey BY NEXT FRIDAY! If you live within the City of Savannah limits, your fire service is provided by Savannah Fire so please disregard the survey. We also will be hosting a virtual town hall in the coming weeks to allow citizens in the unincorporated area of the district to ask questions of Chatham EMS and have an additional avenue of input.
-The deadline to apply for county funding for a nonprofit or an organization that provides a service to the county is Feb 15th. If you are looking for funding please reach out to me and I will put you in touch with whom you need to talk to.
If there are issues you would like to address be sure to report them through The My Chatham App available in your App Store or email me at TOGETHER@AARONWHITELY.COM or AWHITELY@CHATHAMCOUNTY.ORG Let’s start the paper trail to ensure we address the issue or concerns and have a means of accountability. Let’s make the 6th Thrive!
My number is 912-657-6855. Give me a call or shoot me a text if you need to reach me. I will be doing a video tutorial on the My Chatham app in the next week so stay tuned0