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Updates & Highlights

Highlights from 01/15/2021 Commission Meeting
-Covid Vaccinations are available throughout the county. Scheduling with the Health Dept. is still a challenge but headway is being made. There are additional sites in the county who have vaccinations on hand. Find them and additional info at https://covid19.gachd.org/vaccine/ There may be an administrative fee ($20) at the alternative locations so be sure to ask when setting your appointment.
-Crime in our district has reduced but there are still some areas we can improve. I’m working on setting up a townhall with Chatham Co. Police Dept. to address the issues we are seeing throughout the district especially in Ogeechee Farms and Gateway. More information to follow on that.
-Unincorporated District 6 property owners WE NEED YOUR INPUT!!! We want to hear from you in regards to the options for fire service in the unincorporated areas of the county. Currently Chatham EMS provides service but some recent developments have led to the need to rethink the process. Please visit https://chathamcountysurvey.org/ and take the survey BY NEXT FRIDAY! If you live within the City of Savannah limits, your fire service is provided by Savannah Fire so please disregard the survey. We also will be hosting a virtual town hall in the coming weeks to allow citizens in the unincorporated area of the district to ask questions of Chatham EMS and have an additional avenue of input.
-The deadline to apply for county funding for a nonprofit or an organization that provides a service to the county is Feb 15th. If you are looking for funding please reach out to me and I will put you in touch with whom you need to talk to.
If there are issues you would like to address be sure to report them through The My Chatham App available in your App Store or email me at TOGETHER@AARONWHITELY.COM or AWHITELY@CHATHAMCOUNTY.ORG Let’s start the paper trail to ensure we address the issue or concerns and have a means of accountability. Let’s make the 6th Thrive!
My number is 912-657-6855. Give me a call or shoot me a text if you need to reach me. I will be doing a video tutorial on the My Chatham app in the next week so stay tuned!

Adot's To Do List

What do I need to add to the list? Reach out to me and make sure your issue is on the list.

  • 911 Service Inquiry
  • Animal Service Ordinance Review
  • Southside Business Advisory Group
  • Public Safety Review
  • Fire Service Review & Engagement
  • Introduction to Principals
  • Meet With Alderman Purtee
  • Meet With Boardmember D. Bringman
  • Research Youth Engagement Opportunities